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Barnabus' Blog


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Cloth Hunting!

Posted on 11 March, 2013 at 10:26 Comments comments (151)
Today me and the team have a big shopping list. The Nursery have asked for food and clothes for the little ones. The food's easy - bread and milk, mostly - but the clothes could be a problem. Well, all the kids are different sizes, aren't they?
I think we'd be better off finding some cloth, and then they can make the clothes themselves.
So we're off to Tailor's Fields. I don't know why they call it fields, because it isn't. It's more like a rabbit warren, where all the tailors have their workshops. I think they should call it Tailor's Warren.
Anyway, Pendrac knows someone who lives there that owes him a favour. So me and the biggest of my gang are going cloth hunting tonight!